How can I feel safe to leave my child with a nanny I do not know?

  • 2 or 3 previous employers will be contacted to verify the candidate’s suitability to work as a nanny, should this be positive the nanny will become registered with British Governess
  • Documents are checked to verify identity
  • DBS check/Police check is required to be produced or applied for before commencing work. British Governess will let you know the status of this
  • Qualifications will also be verified

When is the agency fee payable?

  • The fee is payable according to the terms agreed with the client

Should we need to replace the nanny is this possible?

  • British Governess offers a free 6 month replacement

Can the nanny clean our home too?

  • It is not possible the nanny will undertake childcare, children’s laundry, tidying the child’s bedroom and preparing children’s meals

Does the nanny need to have her own bedroom?

  • Yes a private bedroom is required for the nanny. For short periods of travel she can share a hotel room with the child