A Selection of Our Governess Nanny Jobs

1) Governess for boy aged 5 in Monaco,

Russian family, American mother.
The child attends a school in Monaco.
Helping with homework.
French and English speaker preferred
The working days are 5 per week
The working hours are 8-9 per day
The accommodation will be provided in a separate part of the villa
Salary is around £1000-1200 per week.
Fully staffed home with housekeeper and chef.
The starting date is ASAP

2)  Nanny governess for an Italian  family of 5 based in St John's Wood London.  

They have three children, 12, 9 and 7, two boys and one girl respectively.

They are looking for a post school nanny/governess who can help with the school pick up and then with

the children homework / activities.  Duty would be daily Monday to Friday 3.30 to 7.30pm. Availability

on Saturdays would be a plus but not strictly essential.

Salary: £400-700pw depending on experience

3) Abu Dhabi

Nanny governess wanted in Abu Dhabi for girl aged 5 years old. An educated nanny or governess is preferred,

she should be creative, energetic, flexible and highly organised.

Salary offered £700-1000pw

Working hours: 6 days per week 1 day off during the week

10 hour days

There is no housekeeping required.

Other British nanny is employed

4) Riyad, Saudi Arabia:       
We are looking for an experienced or qualified Nanny for the Royal family in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

For two children one is 2 years old and second aged 3 months old, The house is a fully staffed household. No Cleaning or laundry involved in the role apart from packing when the family is traveling and tidying up the children's playroom and playing with the 2 year old when the new born is sleeping.
The 2 year has her own Nanny and the children both have Phillipino Nurses too.

The working hours are roughly 12 hour per day.
The working days are 6 per a week

The salary £800-1000 per week
French speakers a plus although all nationalities will be considered

5) Governess in Astana, Kazakhstan for girl aged 1.5 year old.

Playing, learning, reading, swimming
The governess should teach the baby in different ways: Maths, reading, writing, geography ect

The family like travelling, healthy eating (macrobiotics), doing sports
The family also employ a Russian nanny, she will be there at night and at the weekends and can help during the day as well. The Russian nanny will help to take care of the baby (i.e cooking food, taking shower) so governess will teach and play with the baby

Salary offered: £3000-4200 a month negotiable

Preferred start date:  November or December
Working hours: 5 days pw, 9-6pm

Own room, bathroom and toilet provided.

6)  Maternity nurse for newborn baby Royal family in Doha, Qatar
Working for the first 6 months 24 hours on call, 6 days pw
Salary £900-1300 pw depending on experience. It could be higher.

6 month Maternity contract

Another British nanny is employed with the older 4 children.
 Share room with baby in beginning then share an apartment with British nanny.
Family well known to agency, lovely family that treat staff well.
December, January start

7)  London: 
Live in or out Native English speaking Governess for Spanish family in Knightsbridge, London

Children aged 7 and 9 years old.
Spanish family. They understand Spanish and English.

5 days per week
Hours are 8-7pm
Salary £700-1000 pw
Hours 10 hour days .
Driver necessary to drive to school
1 year minimum commitment
Start January

8) Abu Dhabi: 
We are looking for an experienced Governess for a role in Abu Dhabi.
Emirati family
For boy and girl aged 7 and 9 year old..
Long term
Working 5 days per week, 10 hour days
Salary is £1000-1500pw

Start in January

9)  Russia:   
We are looking for an English Nanny Governess for a friendly family based in Moscow, Russia.
You will take care of a 3 year old girl. Your main job would be to teach the child English and do fun activities with her.

Working 5 days per week.
The family are interviewing now.
Salary is £700 to 1000pw

A Separate apartment will be provided
We recommend the family.
January Start

10)   Doha: 
We are looking for a proactive Nanny Governess in Doha Qatar for VIP family with  3 children aged: 8 year girl ,7 year boy and 5 year girl.
The children attend French school but speak fluent English.

Working 6 days pw 12 hour days
There is usually some free time in day when they are at school

Salary £700-1000pw depending on experience and which qualifications you have.
private room and bathroom offered
Fully staffed home with chef and housemaids employed for laundry and cooking

Duties: to take them to school and activities, educate them, teach them written English in a fun way, and help them tidy their room
You will have a Nanny assistant too.

11)  Doha: 
We are looking for a proactive Nanny Governess in Doha Qatar for VIP family with  6 month old.
Working 6 days pw 12 hour days
There is usually some free time in day when they are at school

Salary £700-1000pw depending on experience and which qualifications you have.
private room and bathroom offered
Fully staffed home with chef and housemaids employed for laundry and cooking

Duties: to take him to school and activities, educate him, teach them English in a fun way.
You will have a Nanny assistant too.

February Start

12)  London: 
We are looking for a Governess for a role in Richmond, working with boy aged 6 yrs old.

 Your role wil be to, take him to activities and do homework with them.
You should also prepare lessons on areas of weakness
 Working Monday to Friday until 7pm.

£600-1000pw Negotiable for an exceptional candidate

13) Dubai:

Nanny Governess in Dubai for Indian family
For 11 yr girl, boy 9.5, the children go to IB school, taking to activities, children need homework help and tutoring in areas of weakness, live  in or out, accommodation provided
 You will be required to live in for 10 days a month proxy parent while family travel.
Hours:  5-6 days, 10 hours per day,
A driver would be a plus although a  driver is employed,
No cooking necessary as all cooking is done by their current Phillipino nanny,
Salary £ pw depending on experience £600-900pw
January  start preferred

14) Dubai:
Nanny for 1 year old boy in Dubai for VIP family
Governessshould be an English native speaker.
The nanny will educate the child and take to scheduled after school activities.

Working hours: ideally 6 days pw up to 12 hour days
Salary £700-1000pw depending on experience

15) London:

 Live out Governess for 7 yr old girl and 5 year old boy, sometimes 2.5 year old boy. Mother is hands on and a stay at home Mum.
 The 6 year old is dyslexic hence the reason for home schooling, she previously attended a public school.

To homeschool the eldest 2 children, following the British curriculum.
Working 5 days per week 8  hour days
Location: Parson Green, London

 The ideal teacher would teach in a fun and creative way, mother very much believes in the Montessori philosophy.
 The governess should respect mother's wishes when it comes to their education and be happy to take them out too.
The children attend art and drama classes.
Those who speak another language is a plus

Planning should be done in your own time in the evening or at the weekend.

Salary: £700-1100 per week depending on experience and qualifications

16) Dubai:

We are looking for a Governess in Dubai
For an Indian family, the father is a company chairman.
Children are boys aged 8 and 9 living in a villa in Jumeirah. It is a fully
staffed household. The family speak English.

The family will provide: one bedroom, en-suite bathroom, separate living
area. Car/driver will also be included in package.

The governess should preferably have nanny and teaching experience.
French or Spanish knowledge would be a bonus.

The governess must have good knowledge of healthy living and eating, a sporty or musical person would be great but not essential.
Be able to travel with family on vacations (UAE Summer period).
Salary £550-700pw dependant upon experience
Working 5-6 days pw, hours TBA

17) Abu Dhabi:

We are looking for an educated nanny governess for a VIP family in Abu Dhabi.
It is working for a Jordanian family living in a lovely villa. It is a fully staffed household with chefs, maids and drivers
The children speak English and attend an international school.
The salary is £600-800 pw dependant on experience.
They have 4 daughters (1 year / 4 years / 8 years / 12 years)
Working Hours: 6 days per week, 12 hours per day
There may also be some worldwide travel with the family.
You will have your own room in the villa.
The family is looking for a well educated nanny.
To start in February


18) Hornchurch, Havering, London:

We are looking for a live in Phillipino/Chinese/Vietnamese nanny for a Chinese Vietnamese family with 1 and 4 yr old boys. Mainly taking care of the 1 year old as the 4 year old will be at school. The family live in Hornchurch, Havering borough, Greater London.
Working 5 days
You should be hardworking and caring.
11-12 hour days
Salary £350-400 pw
To start in March, April or May

19) Princes Gate, London:

We are looking for a graduate Governess or qualified teacher for a position in Princes Gate, London.
For girls 8 and 10 yrs, Jordanian Moroccan family. The girls attend the American school. They travel to the USA in holiday times.
It is a Live out position.
Salary £27 000-35,000 per annum maybe negotiable for the right candidate.

Immediate start
Working hours are Monday to Friday 3-9pm and Saturday would be a shorter day.
French knowledge would be a plus
Duties are to help with homework and possibly some tutoring.

Long term commitment preferred

20) Cairo, Egypt:

We are looking for a well educated Nanny governess for 3 children in Cairo, Egypt, children aged 10, 7 and 8, 2 girls and 1 boy.
Your duties would be to assist with homework and organise educational activities.

Working hours would be 6 days per week.
Private room is provided
Hours are in the week 3-8.30pm roughly
At the weekend 8 hour days.

Salary £400-450pw

There is no housework or cooking as a cook is employed.

They attend a British school and speak fluent English.

21) Moscow, Russia:

We are looking for a graduate male tutor in Moscow for children aged 3, 5 and 8.
A separate flat is provided.
The Salary is negotiable from £700-900pw NET.

Working Hours are 5 days pw:
3 days during the week from 4pm-10pm
Then Saturday and Sunday 8 hours per day

The children do not speak English so your job is to teach them. The tutor would be a native speaker of English.
French or Russian speakers a plus, however not compulsory. The governor should be happy to play sport with the children.
It is a fully staffed home, no cooking involved.

To start in March or April.

Interviews in London

22) Nice, Switzerland, USA:
We are looking for a nanny for a 1 year old child in Russian family living in Nice, France, California and Switzerland, approximately 3 months is spent in each country.
There are 2 other nannies one English one Russian.
They are looking for either a French or English nanny.
You will work 40 hours per week. 5 days per week, 2 days off per week,
normally weekdays.

You will work shifts. Either 7.30-2.30pm or 2.30-10.30pm.

A separate apartment is  provided in each country.
Salary from £600-900 per week dependant on your experience.

The ideal candidate would be a graduate or well educated nanny.

23) Kensington, London:

We are looking for a Live out English Governess for a 3 year old girl, in a Russian family. The family live in High Street Kensington. She speaks both English and Russian.
She attends a Montessori nursery part time. During holidays there will be some travel.

The Governess should be:

A Native English speaker
Flexible in terms of working hours/travelling
Very experienced as a Governess or Nanny, positive, active

Hours are 5 days per week 8-10 hours per day
Salary negotiable £600-800pw

24) Voronezh, Russia:


We are looking for English teachers and assistant nursery nurses for an English Kindergarten in Russia.
There are 2 groups (one is for children who are 3-4,5 y/o, second is for children who are 4,5-6 y/o)
The English kindergarten is located in the large city of Voronezh, Russia.

Working 5 days per week
Accommodation is provided, teachers will share a house with other teachers or possibly be provided with a studio.
Salary £550-800 pw dependant on experience

Flights and visas will be provided.
Starting in August.

25) Dubai, UAE:

We are looking for an experienced professional nanny for a 1 month old baby and a 7 year old boy. It is working in Dubai for a professional Indian family.
The Mother owns her own company and will spend 50% of her time there, 50% at home. They are living in a lovely villa. You will have an good sized ensuite bedroom.
To also assist the little boy with his homework.
Working 6 days per week 10-12 hour days.

Interested candidates should email their CV to:

Email: info@britishgoverness.com

26) Walton Upon Thames, Surrey:

We are looking for a great nanny for a job in Walton upon thames with twins(boy and girl)aged 2 months old. The babies currently have a Maternity nurse.
The ideal nanny would have twin experience however those with extensive baby experience will be considered.
The position will start in June.

Working hours: 5 days, 8-8 or 7-7pm it could be live in or out
The mother is a doctor and business owner often working from home too.

Proposed Salary £500-650 pw negotiable dependant on experience

27) Abu Dhabi:

A professional Arab family in Abu Dhabi is looking for a nanny governess, for 3 year old and 6 year old girls. The ideal candidate would have 3 years + experience as a nanny/teacher or in a nursery/school. The children attend a British school. A mature candidate is preferred. The family live in a lovely Villa. It is a fully staffed household with driver employed. Hours are working 6 days per week 10-12 hour days The Salary is negotiable from £650-850pw A mature applicant is preferred Start May or June

28) South Kensington:

We have a great German Nanny governess role for American German family. It is based in South Kensington, London. To speak in German with 7 yr old and 2 yr old. There are other nannies employed as well. The boys are bilingual German English.

Working 5 days per week Hours about 10 hours per day.

There is an apartment below the family's if necessary, should the candidate wish to live in.

There is some travel should she wish, to the Hamptons, South of France and the Swiss Alps Immediate start preferred or within 4 weeks

Salary £600-700pw Immediate start


29) Palm Jumeirah Dubai:

Female Governess or Male Tutor for Russian family, living in villa in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

For 5 and 7 year old boys. They have a Russian nanny already It is a Russian family.

A musical or theatrical background would be great but not essential. A knowledge of French or Spanish is desirable.

Private bathroom and bedroom provided

Working 5 days, hours after school until 8pm during the week and term time. Hours may be different during holidays.

Salary £700-800PW Dependant on experience

July start in London for 1 month then return to Dubai

We have many more vacancies not listed online, please contact us.

Please email us your CV.





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